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My Rummycircle Review

I have been playing rummy as a favorite past time since a long time. Its great that with the advancement of technology we are able to play it online with our friends as well as all rummy lovers across the world.

We know Gambling is strictly prohibited in India and online gambling is no exception. However rummy is not classified as gambling by Indian laws and it is treated as a game of skill so no legals issues are involved in playing online rummy. The popularity of rummy is also growing many fold in the last couple of years with many websites coming up giving people easy access to online rummy. but rummycircle.com stands out to be the best site which i have experienced so far.

Play for free and win cash at RummyCircle.com which is an online rummy site fully owned and operated by Play Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd. Until August 22nd 2012, Play Games24x7 operated the same rummy site under a different brand name – Games24x7.com But now the site is re-branded as rummycircle.com and it is managed by a professional management team with several years of experience in the online games industry.

This site has the state of the art software allowing the players to enjoy a realistic fun filled exciting and enjoyable game. Nevertheless you will find lots of complains about the site when you search through Google (just type rummycircle scam or rummycircle review and hit enter). one may find lots of complaints about the game, software, cheating, money withdrawal issue etc.